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ISBN 978-1-894953-99-3
When Lee Drison awakes on 7-22 he's not sure what to expect: be it Tasmanian tigers, trains that travel to far off planets, touring cars that do the same, assasins who look like Abraham Lincoln, forest people who eat literally everything, a despotic ruler who promotes soldiers based on their height etc.  etc. If you love the Alice books and the works of Douglas Adams, then 7-22 is the  book for you.
"It's the YA novel that Vonnegut didn't live to write!" -Gary Braunbeck, author of  In Silent Graves              (This title is currently unavailable)
The Vampire Henry
Henry Lovell is a vampire. But that seems to be the least of his worries. So much other crap to deal with--whether  it be dealing with neurotic women/vamps, trying to make a living as a writer, trying to deal with the humdrum of the diurnal world etc. etc. If you ever wondered what it would be like if Charles Bukowski was a vampire and you HATE Twilight, then this is the vampire novel for you
Available on April 7th, 2018 through Amazon!



        To The Dark Gods

    An Anthology of S-E-X  by Michael S. Walker

The writer D.H. Lawrence used to describe sex euphemistically as "Going to the Dark Gods." A collection of stories, poems, plays, and fragments that encapsulate that one primal instinct that seems to trump all logical thought,  To The Dark Gods is available through Amazon for Kindle and as a trade paperback.   

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